Zacuto introduces the 1080p Micro OLED Kameleon EVF

Hands down the Zacuto Gratical EVF’s are the most popular aftermarket EVF on the market and for good reason. They have a great build and work on pretty much any camera with an HDMI or SDI output. Today Zacuto introduces a new 1080p Micro OLED Kameleon EVF with the same input options you would expect. HDMI and SDI.

The shape of the new Kameleon is sleeker than the Graticle HD but larger than the Gratical Eye, and the inputs are on the side and back as opposed to the top like the Gratical HD. The new Kameleon isn’t replacing the Eye, it’s just another option you have and you need to check the features when choosing as they are not identical.


Zacuto was scheduled to go live on Facebook this morning however Facebook was and is still having issues so, the live stream announcing and explaining the new Kameleon and the partnership with JTZ didn’t happen. I feel bad for Zacuto as they put a lot of work into this announcement and it didn’t go as planned leaving our readers with many questions. Zacuto is planning to go live again on Thursday if Facebook is back up for the live stream. If not then on Friday. You can join the discussion on the Zacuto Facebook page

We welcome you all to join us and ask these questions!

It is not a secret that we partnered with JTZ to bring the Kameleon to market…Kameleon EVF ‘Powered by JTZ’ but this is not just a JTZ X01K rebranded Zacuto. We partnered with them and worked on many changes including software features, optic improvements, anti-fog, and much more to the unit. We are now the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Kameleon EVF. We will answer all of these questions and hopefully many more on our live show.

Mandy Rodgers, Zacuto VP of Sales And Marketing

The Kameleon doesn’t have a battery slot so it requires the user to supply power to the EVF. To do so the EVF has a handy USB-C power input for 7-20V, and a 4-pin Lemo connector for power from a larger ENG V mount style battery with D-Tap. The Kameleon includes a drop-in diopter, anti-fog protection, and auto-closing eyecup to protect from burning the screen in the sun.

The new EVF can handle 4K inputs and includes 3D LUT support. One nice feature for an EVF is 16×9 video with overlay.

Kameleon EVF featured image

Technical Specifications

  • Micro-OLED Display
  • Screen Dimension
    0.71” diagonal
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Color Depth
    24 bit RGB
  • Pixel Info
    3103 PPI
    6.5 million pixels
  • Resolution
  • Refresh Rate
  • Luminance
    150-250 cd/m^2

Kameleon Features

Kameleon EVF side front 2
  • Connections – HDMI, SDI, USB-C
  • Features – Custom Scaling, Frame Lines, Anamorphic 4:1 Zoom, False Color, Red Line Peaking, Zebra Stripes, Histogram
  • 4 Programmable Hotkeys
  • 1D or 3D LUT Import and preprogrammed LUTs
  • Audio Meters
  • Display Calibration Settings: RGB, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, hue
  • Voltage Input 7-20V,
  • Power input port: 4 pin LEMO 0B

For mounting the Kameleon has Arri Rosettes on both sides of the EVF.

Zacuto Kameleon Micro-OLED EVF – B&H Photo | Zacuto Store

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