BB&S Area 48 Color LED RGBWW is now shipping

BB&S Area 48 Color LED RGBWW is now shipping

The BB&S Area 48 Color RGBWW is now shipping. The light was first shown at IBC last year in Amsterdam.

I have been a big fan of the original Area 48, which I bought way back in 2013. Above you can see my review of the light.

A testament to how good the original Area 48 was, is that BB&S haven’t made a replacement in almost 6 years.

The original Area 48 put out 3290 lx at a distance of 1m when using the 5600K remote phosphor panel. It also had an extended CRI (R1-R15) of 91.23. Both these figures were exceptionally good for a light that is almost 6 years old!

BBS AREA 48 5600 02 5293K ColorRendering

When used with the 3200K remote phosphor panel the light has an extended CRI (R1-R15) of 96.09 which is the highest score I have ever recorded from a light tested at 3200K.

BBS AREA 48 3200 01 3152K ColorRendering

The new Area 48 Color isn’t a replacement for the original Area 48, it is just a new addition to the lineup.

Key features

  • Claimed 97.5 CRI
  • 2500K to 10,000K
  • Draws 165 watts
  • 105º beam angle
  • RGB Black Fixture
  • plus/minus green, plus/minus magenta
  • Detachable Barndoors

The Area 48 Color features a very similar design to the original Area 48, but with a lot of changes under the chassis.


BB&S Area 48 Color LED RGBWW is now shipping

The Area 48 Color can produce saturated and tinted colors as well as precise clean white light in both 2700°K and 5600°K. At 1.8K output, it matches the original Area 48’s remote phosphor daylight and tungsten color rendering at both ends of the spectrum (2500K to 10,000K). All while drawing only 185W at full power.

Weight & Size

The Area 48 Color measures in at 356mm / 13.97” wide, 275mm / 10.82” high, by 115mm / 4.53” deep, and weighs 5kg/ 11 pounds. The yoke is reversible for hanging or using on stands.

Color Accuracy

Precision color is a hallmark of BB&S Lighting. To ensure very accurate color rendition, BB&S utilizes RGB and both white LEDs (2700K and 5600K) that are selectively binned to produce outstanding rendition.

Soft Output Wide Dispersion

BB&S Area 48 Color LED RGBWW is now shipping

Like the Area 48 Studio and Soft, the Area 48 Color fixtures can provide an output that BB&S claims are comparable to a 1800W soft light. Maximum output is available in 5600°K and 2700°K. They deliver soft light, with wide 105º dispersion and a claimed 97.5 TLCI.

Touchscreen Operation

An on-board touchscreen offers local control or users can perform ON/OFF and color/white tweaking via DMX/RDM. DMX 512 also provides for daisy-chaining multiple fixtures. Settings for plus/minus green, plus/minus magenta allow you to easily match other fixtures. They also offer full range dimming (8/16 Bit from 0% to 100%) and run flicker-free at any framerate, to fully accommodate high speed shooting. It also accurately generates speed adjustable strobe effects within the fixtures software.

Standard & Optional Accessories

The BB&S Area 48 Color comes with a 48V power supply, locking AC cable and TVMP. They also feature removable barn doors for additional lighting control. Optional soft boxes, grids and diffusion are also available.


BB&S Area 48 Color LED RGBWW is now shipping

The Area 48 Color is certainly not as affordable as other similar sized 1×1 RGBWW panel lights. But at $3,300USD it is almost $1,000 USD less than the ARRI S30-C SkyPanel.

Other more affordable options include the Lupo Superpanel Full Color 30 ($1.598USD), Luxli Timpani ($899USD) and the Rayzr MC 120 ($899.00) and MC 200 ($1199.00).

We will attempt to get hold of one for review to see how it matches up against other RGBWW panel lights.

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