Post Haste, a free tool to keep your project files organised

Post Haste has been available for quite some time but many of you may not be aware of it. The best thing is that it’s available for free for PC & Mac OS X from Digital Rebellion.

The free app can not only create folder structures based on templates but also create template project files within folders. This is especially helpful if you work in a team as file structures can be consistent across multiple projects making it easy for handovers or picking up an archived project and not having to go searching for files.2

Now, you could have all of this setup in a .zip file or ‘new project folder’ which you duplicate and create for every project but it is not as easy to update and manage. Post Haste also has a few advantages over this method.

Within a template, you can set various parameters to automatically populate folders & files.


When creating a new project from a template, you can still tweak the parameters on the fly before creating the project. You can add more parameters and customise even further with the advanced settings.


Digital Rebellion has a number of other creative plug-ins and tools.

Have you been using Post Haste for your workflow? let us know how you’ve found it in the comments section.


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