Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro Now Shipping

Wooden Camera first showed off the Zip Box Pro at IBC 2018 and has announced that it is now shipping. 

266800 Back Three Quarters

The Zip Box Pro is a lightweight matte box that sits above the rubber version of the Zip Box Pro & beneath the UMB-1 universal mattebox. It starts at $399 USD for a clamp on version and $499 USD for the swing away option. It is made out of an ABS construction and weighs less than 1 lb (450g).

The Zip Box Pro can accommodate three filters, which are loaded in at the front and have a built-in tilt offset to help prevent internal reflections. Tilting filters can be done with one or two filters only.

Zip Box Pro Wood Filter

A carbon fiber top flag is also included which can be adjusted using the lever and shut closed to protect the filters and lenses during transport.

Zip Box Pro Traffic

Wooden Camera has made the Zip Box Pro with interchangeable backs. Both the swing away and clamp on backs have a 114mm diameter opening. To adapt to different lenses, the swing away kit includes five step down rings (80/87/95/104/110mm). If you go for the clamp on option, you can choose one size back or get the full kit which includes all of the different sized backs.

Changing between a clamp on back or swing away back is easily done by removing the four screws. The swing away back is available separately for $185 USD and the clamp on backs for $150 USD.


267200 Zip Box Pro 4x5 65 Full Kit 

Zip Box Pro (Swing Away) $499 attaches to 15mm lightweight rods and swings away for easy lens changes. Swing bracket includes the ability to tilt by loosening two screws on the side. The same two screws also allow for vertical adjustability of 4mm up and 4mm down from lens center.

Zip Box Pro (Clamp On) $399 – attaches directly to the front of a lens using dedicated backs of 114, 110, 104, 100, 95, 87, and 80mm. Backs can be swapped tool-lessly using the four thumbscrews.


There are a few other lightweight matte box options around. Wooden Camera’s Zip Box uses a rubber compound and clamp, available in various sizes and starts from $99 USD.

When the original Zip Box came out, many drew the comparison to Bright Tangerine’s Misfit Atom which has a solid aluminum frame & removable rubber hood. The Misfit Atom retails for $379 USD. The carbon fiber top flag is sold separately.

Bright Tangerine also has the Clash 138 which was reviewed recently on the site. It can hold three filters at a time, including one 138mm round filter for a circular polariser or diopter with a larger 143mm diameter back so it can also be used with lenses that have a larger front diameter than 114mm. It also has a solid aluminium frame & removable rubber hood, retailing for $597 USD.

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Pola+ Matte Box Review

Abracam also has a number of lightweight options in with the ClipOne. It uses a 3D printed body made from black ABS Plus® with models for two and three stages including 138mm round filters. Prices start from €265.


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