Black Shade Calibration Guide for RED cameras

If you are shooting on a RED, there are a few things you should know. One of them includes Black Shade Calibration.

What is Black Shade Calibration?

Running a black shade calibration ensures clean and consistent pixel sensitivity across your entire image. It can help remove issues like fixed pattern and random noise, dead pixels. It’s important to run a calibration if there has been large shifts in the temperature for a period of time.

On full frame cameras, it takes approximately 8 minutes, and 5 minutes on the smaller sensors like the Gemini or Helium.

This tutorial video covers:

• What Black Shading is and why it is important
• How to perform a Black Shade Calibration
• Navigating to Menu – Settings – Maintenance – Calibrate – Sensor
• Differences between Manual and Auto Calibration
• Which calibration is recommended
• How often should it be done

You can learn more about black shading calibration on the RED-101 website.

What are your thoughts on black shade calibration, optimum target temperatures?

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