Wooden Camera ARRI LPL & Nikon Z Lens Adapters

Wooden Camera is now shipping ARRI LPL Lens Adapters for the Sony Venice, RED DSMC2 & E-Mount. As well as these, they are also now shipping a Nikon Z to PL mount.


The lens adapter allows the use of ARRI LPL Signature Prime lenses on other cameras, since only the ALEXA LF has a native LPL mount. Other lenses in the future will be able to use the LPL mount.

The lens adaptors for the Venice & RED DSMC2 from Wooden Camera also have pogo pins to provide Cooke /i data when enabled in a future update to the Signature Prime lenses in Q1 2019.

The flange focus has been set using collimation tools. but you can adjust with shims on all three.

The ARRI LPL Mount for Sony Venice & RED DSMC2 cameras retails for USD $1,295. The E-Mount adaptor retails for USD $599

Nikon Z Mount to PL Mount Adapter (Pro)

The Nikon Z Mount to PL Adapter (PRO) is a shimmable¬†version of Wooden Camera’s PL lens mount adapter compatible with the Nikon Z series of mirrorless cameras. The adapter includes a foot with 1/4-20″ threaded holes for attaching to a tripod eliminating strain on the camera. The foot can also attach directly to the front of the Unified DSLR Cage (Small) by two included screws.

Since PL lenses are usually quite large and heavy, this can sometimes cause flexing and damage to the lens mount. The included lens adapter universal support foot can be attached to help transfer the weight from the lens mount to the bottom of the camera preventing any damage.

The adaptor retails for $499 USD.

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