The SwitchPod, an alternative tripod for Vloggers

If you follow Caleb Wojcik or Pat Flynn, you will know that they have been working on the SwitchPod for the past year or so.

What is it?

If you take a look at any vlogger kit, you’ll most likely see them using a Joby Gorillapod to get the camera further away so they can fit themselves into the frame. It also lets you place the camera down while continuing to film. Many would argue that this setup was made popular by Casey Neistat. Pat & Caleb were able to meet Casey Neistat at VidCon 2018 and get some of his feedback.

Levi Allen using the SwitchPod

If you have ever used a Gorillapod, you will know they are designed to be flexible, yet rigid. Depending on the size of the Gorillapod and the weight of the camera package, they don’t always hold their position.


Caleb & Pat aimed to design a solution that would be able to handle various amounts of weight while being lightweight. The SwitchPod also transforms in seconds to a tripod with the two legs spinning out.

SwitchPod tripod for vloggers

The SwitchPod is very thin, making it quite compact even though it has a curved profile. The inside edge of the arms are contoured so you can grip it wherever you want. The cut outs help to reduce weight and can also be used to transport the SwitchPod by simply clipping it on to a bag with a carabiner.

While you can use it as it is, some users may want to add a quick release plate or small ball head.

SwitchPod Product Photos Jan 2019 69

Key Features

  • Easy to hold and intuitive
  • Works with any camera, mounting onto 1/4-20″ thread
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • two 1/4-20″ threads for mounting a monitor, LED light or mics
  • Tightening knob allows camera to be easily attached and removed
  • Camera can be orientated after being tightened to face front leg
  • non-slip feet

Mounting accessories on the SwitchPod

Pricing & Availability

The SwitchPod has launched on Kickstarter today and is set to ship in August 2019.

The SwitchPod will retail for $99 USD with early backers able to pick it up for $69 USD

There is only one size available and only comes in black.

Caleb Wojcik & Pat Flynn

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