Freefly introduces the ALTA Pro

Freefly Systems has introduced the new ALTA Pro line of multirotor drones with Freefly waypoint technology, autopilot functionality while supporting the same payload capacity.

Key Features

  • Qgroundcontol mission planner with included long range 900mhz telemetry radio
  • Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold offering unprecedented precision, repeatability, and stability
  • PX4-based mission autopilot
  • Integrates with wide variety of drone software via Mavlink protocol
  • Flexible ground control module compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS
  • Open source communications protocol (Mavlink) with existing community support
  • With the Full power of PX4 flight controller architecture, ALTA has all the features of a modern drone: waypoints, autonomy, telemetry/C2, autoland, etc.

The ALTA 8 Pro starts at $15,995 and the Alta 6 Pro from $9,995 USD. For existing ALTA 6 & 8 users, you can upgrade to the Pro from $1,299 USD. On purchase, you can order the drone with a pelican case, an FPV system and Futaba controller.

The upgrade includes installation of the new flight control and GPS system, installation and setup of a new 900mhz telemetry radio system and 1000 hour check up service.

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