OWC ClingOn – Stabilize your cable connections

OWC has released the new ClingOnHave you ever been transferring files or working from an external drive which accidentally gets bumped causing your drive to disconnect?

OWC has released the new ClingOn. No, it’s not related to the Klingons, but an adhesive mount for Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C cables which aims to stabilise and secure cables, preventing cable strain and unintentional disconnects with Thunderbolt 3 & USB-C devices.

OWC ClinOn Cable Stabiliser

The Type-C connector is a lot smaller and less rigid than the older Type-A connector, making it easier to bump and move. This is particularly annoying if you are running an external drive which you are working from.


The ClingOn has a soft foam interior that forms a snug fit to the connector to help prevent wiggling and pulling that causes slipped connections. The outer shell is made of hard plastic to protect the cable and features a strong adhesion to secure the connector to the drives enclosure.

Importantly, you can still remove the cable without having to re-stick the ClingOn.

The OWC ClingOn is available in singles ($7.99 USD) or packs of two for $14.99.

How are you securing your Thunderbolt 3 & USB Type-C cables?

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