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Aputure officially releases the punchy waterproof Amaran MW

Today Aputure officially released the Amaran MW compact waterproof light. We first saw the new Aputure MW at IBC 2018. Here is the interview we did at the show.

Aputure AL MW

The Aputure Amaran MW light is rugged and can water up to 10 meters.

Aputure AL-MW

I used the Aputure Amaran MW on this rig for solo CES show coverage and it worked great for interviews and b-roll. Color is good and the Amaran MW last about 80 minutes if used on full power. I generally didn’t have to have it at 100%. I took an output reading from 1 meter and got approximately 400 LUX.

Aputure AL MW

A cool feature is the Aputure Amaran MW can be charged with a portable USB battery plus can be powered by one as well for longer run times.

The Aputure MW has 5 pre-programmed built-in Special Lighting Effects; Paparazzi, Lightning, TV, Fireworks, and Faulty Bulb. The AL-MW is daylight color temperature.

Aputure AL MW

Color and output tests

I used a Sekonic C700 and took readings from 1 meter away.


APUTURE AL MW K ColorRendering

The average CRI is 97.2 while the extended is 96. The Amaran MW scored very well in the CRI department. R13, R14, and R15 important skin tone colors also scored very well.

APUTURE AL MW K SpectralDistribution

Output and Kelvin Tests

As for color temperature or Kelvin, the Aputure Amaran MW comes in at 5638K making it very easy to add the light into a daylight scene.


With the light set to full power, I took a reading from 1 meter (3.28 feet). The output is 424 LUX or 39.4-foot candles.

In boost mode, it went up to 632 LUX or 58.7 foot candles.




Key Features of the Amaran MW

The AL-MW is the first pocket-sized LED that uses the same COB technology which powers the Aputure 300d. This allows the AL-MW to not only remain extremely compact but pack twice the punch of the MX.

The AL-MW follows Aputure’s long tradition of creating lights with impeccable color fidelity, boasting an incredible CRI and TLCI rating of 95+.

The AL-MW is IP68 certified dust and waterproof for up to 10 meters. This means the MW can be not only a surf light but a dive/scuba light as well.

24HRS Operation at the lowest setting
With a built-in lithium-ion 3800mAh, the MW lasts for 80 minutes of continuous use at maximum power and 24 hours at a minimum. An advanced charging system via an included USB-C cable.

The AL-MW has 5 pre-programmed built-in Special Lighting Effects: Paparazzi, Lightning, TV,
Fireworks, and Faulty Bulb

The MW comes with a gel holder and includes a range of CTO and CTB filters including full CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO, full CTB, 1/2 CTB, and 1/4 CTB. It also includes a 1.5 stop diffusing frost and a 2.5 stop silicone diffusion accessory.

Aputure AL-MW

The Aputure AL-MW comes in a kit and includes a silicon diffuser and color correction gels all that all fit nice and tidy in a case. The light retails for $209 and is available today from popular outlets. A full review is coming so stay tuned!

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