13 new accessories for the MOZA Air 2 Handheld Gimbal

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Gudsen Moza has released 13 new accessories for their MOZA Air 2 3-axis handheld gimbal. These accessories include a wireless follow focus system and a dual handle. They can be purchased individually as well as in kits with the Moza Air 2.

The MOZA Air 2 is Gudsen technologies latest gimbal and it features a 9 lb (4 kg) payload capacity and 16-hours of battery life. With strong competition from both DJI, Tilta, and Zhiyun, Gudsen has followed suit by releasing a wide range of accessories to further enhance the capabilities of the MOZA Air 2

MOZA iFocus Wireless Lens Follow Focus System

Just like DJI, Tilta, and Zhiyun, MOZA has released a wireless follow focus system ($299 USD) that allows focus pulls to be done over a wireless connection when using the MOZA Air 2, Air, or AirCross gimbal. The system includes a Follow Focus Hand Unit and a Follow Focus Motor. The Moza iFocus Wireless Follow Focus Motor doesn’t require any calibration, and it can be attached to any rod or handle with a 15mm diameter.

The Follow Focus Motor connects to the optional Moza Follow Focus Hand Unit (an additional $119 USD) via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and the company claim that it can be used from up to 99.97 m (328′) away. It can also be controlled by the Moza smartphone app via Bluetooth for manual focus and to set automated parameters. You can also connect to the Moza Air 2 which provides CAN communication for power and control using the gimbal’s interface. The iFocus also allows you to set start and stop endpoints so you can do precise focus pull between two points. These can be set can on either the hand unit or through the smartphone app.

The iFocus motor is powered by a single 600mAh lithium-ion battery that is claimed to provide around 24 hours of operation. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge via the included USB-C cable.

The Moza iFocus Wireless Follow Focus Hand Unit has a digital display that allows you to see your focus distance. The button wheel allows start and stop of preset endpoints for racking focus between two points.

The Hand Unit has a large focus wheel that has been designed with ridges on the side which makes it easier to grip. It comes with a removable marking disk. The Hand Unit can be attached to any rod or handle with a 15 to 33mm diameter such as a rod system, gimbal arm, or tripod handle.

The 750mAh lithium-ion battery provides around 10 hours of operation and takes close to 3 hours to fully charge.

I like this wireless follow focus system because you can actually use it on other camera setups and not just with the Moza Air 2. This is the biggest problem with the Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB’s wireless follow focus system, is that it can only be used with the gimbal.

Follow Focus Rods (length 200 mm)

To complement the iFocus Wireless Lens Follow Focus System, Gudsen has made 15mm rods in 200 mm lengths ($19 USD) that allow follow focus gears on long lenses like the 70-200mm to be used.

MOZA Professional Camera Backpack for Air 2 Gimbal

This is a full-size backpack ($199 USD) with compartments that fit the MOZA Air 2, two DSLR/mirrorless cameras, and both large and small accessories for the gimbal. It features pockets, a handle, and zipper and buckle closures.

Hard Protective Case 

To keep the MOZA Air 2 gimbal and its accessories safe and secure there is a custom-cut foam Hard Protective Case ($129 USD) that can be used for storage or travel. This protects the MOZA Air 2 from damage. The case also features circular lock holes which allow conventional locks to be used.

Premium Leather Battery Cover

The Premium Leather Battery Cover ($99 USD) has a streamlined and contoured shape that is claimed to provide users a better grip while holding the gimbal.

MOZA Fashion Camera Backpack for Air 2 Gimbal

The MOZA Fashion Camera Backpack for Air 2 Gimbal ($99 USD) is an entry-level backpack with compartments that fit the MOZA Air 2, two DSLR/mirrorless cameras, and small accessories such as the MOZA iFocus motors.

Mini Dual Handle

The Versatile Mini Dual Handle helps with better-stabilized movements while balancing the weight between your hands. It also contains several mounting options for various accessories such as monitors, microphones or led lights.

Underslung Mini Handle

The Underslung Mini Handle ($49 USD) can be attached at the bottom of the MOZA Air 2 for easier operation in the underslung mode. It is adaptable and be able to attach to the front of the handle in flashlight mode.

Hot Shoe Mount

Using a specialized Hot Shoe Mount ($59 USD), you can attach heavier cameras to the MOZA Air 2.

High capacity Li-Ion Batteries

High capacity Li-Ion Batteries ($49 USD) provide up to 16 hours of battery life for the MOZA Air 2.

USB-C type Battery Charger 

The new USB-C type Battery Charger ($39 USD) features four slots and allows you to charge your spare batteries.

Mounting Cheese Plate

The Mounting Cheese Plate is a multi-purpose mounting plate, it allows MOZA Air 2 users to attach any accessories through a range of ¼” screw holes.

Professional Mini Tripod

The Professional Mini Tripod ($19 USD) provides grip extension, allowing your MOZA Air 2 to be used as a jib to get specialty shots. It also allows you to place the Air 2 on a flat surface between takes or for easier balancing.

We will attempt to get hold of the Moza Air 2 and some of the accessories for a full review.

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