KipperTie Lens Support Ring for Atlas Lenses

atlas support render final 1519

A few weeks ago, there were a few requests in the Atlas Lens Co Facebook group for a solution to adding a lens support for the Atlas anamorphic lenses.

Interestingly, the lenses don’t feature any support mounts on any of the lenses. With the 100mm weighing in at 3kg  (6.6lb), you definitely want some sort of support on the lens. Especially if you are working in EF or a similar non-locking mount.

Today, KipperTie has come to the rescue, announcing the new Atlas Orion support ring. According to John Marchant on Facebook, there will only be one batch made and will be shipping in February 2019.

The support ring is available in 15mm LWS or 19mm versions and is made from 6082 aluminium. It has a 116mm diameter for a precise fit around the lenses with a rubber lined ring which can be opened up for lens changes or used as 180-degree support only. Since all of the lenses use a common size diameter, the lens support can be used with all of the Orion lenses.

The support ring will retail for £360 ex VAT for the 15mm or 19mm version. It is also available for £410 ex VAT with both brackets.


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