RØDE PodMic – Podcast-Ready Dynamic Microphone

RØDE has just announced the PodMic, a podcast-ready dynamic end-address microphone.

The mic was seen in the RØDECaster Pro launch and many have been intrigued by the microphone appearance.

The PodMic features a detailed dynamic capsule, internal pop shield, solid brass construction and an integrated swing-mount.

The integrated swivel mount makes it easy to manoeuvre on a microphone stand, desk stand or a studio armlikewithout having to use any additional hardware to mount the mic like a shockmount.

Compared to the Procaster, the PodMic is much smaller and will be a lot easier to travel with, making it a perfect choice for the RØDECaster Pro.

The PodMic is specifically tuned for use with the RØDECaster Pro but is compatible with any XLR interface. Being a dynamic microphone, it does not require phantom power.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, with the microphone expected to ship in January 2019.

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