Newsshooter’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2018

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Wow, it’s December already, and that means it’s almost time to wrap up something for that special shooter in your life and leave it under the Xmas tree. Getting something for the shooter that has everything (well we do tend to buy a lot of gear) can be confusing, so here at Newsshooter we want to simplify the process so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself by wrapping up a pair of socks and receiving the polite “Oh, thanks” from the person you gave them to.

We don’t want to make the gift giving process too complicated so we have come up with two categories: Naughty and Nice. If you were naughty then Santa is only going to get you a gift that is under $100 USD. If you were nice then that gift could be up to $400 USD. Now you would have to have been extra nice to get a gift that costs $400 USD, and if you were really bad then maybe you won’t end up with anything (except maybe a pair of socks).

Now we can’t possibly mention every product that would make a good Christmas gift, but we will do our best to provide you with a diverse and comprehensive list.

Naughty – up to $100 USD

Filmic Pro – $14.99 USD

Filmic Pro is a great app if you are shooting any video content with your iPhone. It offers a host of manual shooting options, higher bitrate recordings, and Gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOG shooting profiles.

MAVIS (Big Bundle) – $17.99 USD

MAVIS Pro Camera is a video camera for the iPhone and provides professional level filming tools including focus peaking, waveform monitor, vectorscope, false color, and zebras. It gives you audio controls, audio metering, custom resolutions, and frame rates from HD to 4K, 3fps to 240fps and recordings up to 100Mbit/s. It also gives you full flexible manual control while shooting.

Apogee Metarecorder (Full Version with Multi-Device Support) – $14.99 USD

Apogee MetaRecorder is a flexible two-channel audio recording app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with features to support a wide variety of unique and powerful workflows. Armed with multiple iOS devices and Apogee and Sennheiser hardware, you can capture s audio in the field for interviews, conferences, audio for video and film, mobile broadcast, weddings, recitals, plus countless other applications.

Hide-A-Mic (4 different holders) – €37.80

These clever lapel mic holders are available for Sanken COS11, and DPA 4060/4061/4062/4063/4071 series microphones. They are by far the best solution I have come across for hiding microphones on talent.

Hide-A-Mic B_Flex  – €18.90

With the Hide-a-mic B_Flex you can apply a lavalier microphone directly to the body without worrying fabric touching the microphone. The Hide-a-mic B_Flex creates a physical space around the microphone for clear recordings. B_FLex is reusable and made of skin-friendly silicone rubber.

Rip-Tie RipWrap – from $5.95 USD

RipWrap offers all the holding power of gaffer’s tape, but with none of the gummy residue. It really does have endless uses, especially for filmmakers. Not only does it work in the traditional “Hook & Loop” way, ie. It can attach to attach to itself, but it will also attach to surfaces such as carpet.

Lentequip SAFETAP Connector – $69.95 USD

Lentequip’s SafeTap connector is a complete reinvention of the existing PowerTap by Anton Bauer and similar D-Taps, featuring a first-ever computer-controlled connector. Built-in intelligence monitors for reverse polarity, over/under voltage and short circuits so you’ll never need to worry about damaging your expensive equipment.

Lume Cube AIR – $69.95 USD

The Lume Cube AIR is a follow up to the original Lume Cube and features, slimmed-down size and extra accessories to provide an all-in-one lighting solution for content-creation. he light weighs in at just 2 oz (56.7 g) and has physical dimensions of 1.625” x 1.625” x 1.125” (4.12 cm x 4.12 cm x 2.85 cm). The light is also waterproof up to a depth of 30 m (98.42 ft).

Tilta BMPCC 4K Cage – $99 USD

The BMPCC 4K is a very popular camera and it’s still heavily back ordered. If you have one, are still waiting for one, the BMPCC 4K cage from Tilta might be a nice addition.

ThinkTank Skin Pouches – $35.75 USD – $49.95 USD

The Skin Series pouches compress flat when empty, reducing their profile when the lens is removed from the pouch. Even when a lens is carried inside a Skin Series pouch, it sticks out a minimal amount from the body. Bulkier systems that use thick foam become a hindrance when navigating through crowds. The ThinkTank Skin pouches are a nice solution for carrying around spare lenses f you are a solo shooter.

ThinkTank House Of Cards – $19.99 USD

This lightweight memory card wallet offers convenient, storage and protection. It allows you to quickly find and organize 6 CF and 3 SD cards. The built-in business card holder makes for easy identification.

ThinkTank CF/SD + BATTERY WALLET – $9.95 USD

The ThinkTank CF/SD + Battery Wallet is a lightweight, secure, and convenient wallet for your spare memory card and battery (mirrorless, compact or standard DSLR). It’s water-repellant and features a hook and loop closures to keep your valuables secure.

The North Face Men’s Apex Plus Etip Gloves – $55 USD

These windproof, water-repelling and lightly insulated softshell gloves are made with touchscreen-compatible material, so you won’t have to take them off to use your phone or touchscreen camera.

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse – $71.20 USD

Be comfortable and minimise muscle strain during your editing and grading sessions with Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse.

Nexstand Laptop Stand- $26.97 USD

Prop up your laptop to eye level for a more ergonomic setup when working remotely. Combined with a keyboard and mouse and you have a much more comfortable workspace.

Hoodman Drone Launch Pad for DJI Mavic/Phantom (3′ Diameter) – $53.99 USD

Collapsible launch pads for your drone are a great accessory to have, especially for smaller drones like the DJI Mavic series. Often you have to take off and land your drone in places where the ground may be rocky or uneven. A simple launch pad makes it much easier and safer to launch and land your drone.

Zoom H1n Digital Handy Recorder – $79.99 USD

An easy-to-use, versatile stereo digital audio recorder that fits into the palm of your hand.

G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE Mobile Micro-USB 3.0 External Hard Drive – $47.99 USD

Affordable and robust hard drive for backing up material in the field.

Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone – $59.99 USD

A lightweight microphone which adds high-quality audio recording to any small camera with a 3.5mm microphone input.

Aputure AL-M9 Amaran Pocket-Sized Daylight-Balanced LED Light – $40 USD

A portable, bright, daylight LED light that you can keep in your pocket.

Nice – Up to $400 USD

DJI Osmo Pocket – $349 USD

We just recently reviewed the DJI Osmo Mobile and it’s a great little camera for shooting BTS, grabbing some quick B-roll, or for shooting discreetly in places where bigger cameras couldn’t go. For $349 USD it’s worth keeping in your bag.

Insta360 One X- $399.95 USD

The Insta360 One X can capture 360 video at up to 5.7K at 30 fps. Shooting at higher resolutions is important for 360 capture since you have a much wider field of view than when shooting 2D. The camera features FlowState Stabilization which is claimed to perform better than the new HyperSmooth feature in the GoPro HERO 7.

GoPro HERO 7 Black- $399 USD

The GoPro HERO7 Black supports up to UHD 4K60/50 video resolutions and captures 2.7K120/100 slow-motion and super-slow motion video at rates up to 1080p240/200. It also utilizes HyperSmooth video stabilization that is a good substitute if you don’t have a gimbal.

Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit with Interface & 2 smartLav+ Microphones – $199 USD

The SC6-L has two TRRS inputs and one stereo headphone output. When used with the smartLav+ microphones you can record two sources into an iPhone plus monitor the audio from the headphone jack. The Reporter app has many recording options such as split channel and merged mixed audio.

Sennheiser ClipMic digital – $199 USD

ClipMic digital is a high-quality lavalier microphone for iPhone and iPad and features Apogee digital conversion and Sennheiser microphone capsules. Whether you are a looking for an easy audio solution for field interviews, or a quality back up for situations when radio mics won’t work, the ClipMic digital is a nice tool to have.

Sennheiser Memory Mic Wearable Wireless Smartphone Mic – $199.95 USD

The Sennheiser Memory Mic is a wireless and wearable omnidirectional condenser microphone designed to deliver reliable, high-quality audio capture and easy integration with mobile devices for journalists, vloggers, presenters, and more. It records and stores up to four hours of 16-bit/48 kHz audio to its internal storage while the built-in, USB-rechargeable battery keeps it running without an external power source.

Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB – $199 USD

With Samsung V-NAND flash memory and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, the T5 provides transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s. It can also be used as an external recording solution for the BMPCC4K.

Core SWX PowerBase-70 – $345 USD

The PowerBase-70 Battery Pack is a 77Wh, 14.8V Lithium-ion battery designed to extend running times of smaller cameras. This battery pack comes with a base that accommodates the battery and a battery paddle to insert into the camera. The PowerBase-70 mounts under the camera and doubles as a grip, or can be attached to a camera support via its 1/4″-20 release plate or V-mount.

Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok 14.4V 98Wh Li-Ion Battery – $356 USD

The Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok 14.4V 98Wh Li-Ion Battery is a V-mount battery featuring a mini design suitable for when you want a long run but want to save on weight and space. The battery features an LED voltage indicator and a D-Tap port.

Kessler Lamprey Suction Mount – $274.95 USD

The Lamprey is designed for car rigging or attaching to any non-porous surface like windows or table tops. It features an 8” suction cup mount with a built-in pump rated for 200lbs of force.

OConnor Camera Assistant Bag – $356.25 USD

The Camera Assistant Bag (not the most original name, but hey it works) features a water and dust-resistant liner with stuff pockets, the bag is also designed without any internal seams and features a hinged lid that can be left open on set without putting sensitive equipment at risk.

Artlist – $16.60 USD/month

I personally use Artlist for most of my music needs. A subscription gives you unlimited downloads, use in any project including commercial, lifetime use for the songs you download, and all music is pre-checked for YouTube monetization.

Steadicam Air 15 Monopod – $399.95 USD

The Steadicam Air 15 Monopod is gas lift activated by a foot pedal for adjustable height. With gas lift and spring activated adjustments possible, the Steadicam Air 15 weighs only 3.5 lb, and has a payload capacity of 15lb. There are three sections on the Air 15 Monopod. One of them features a twist lock leg with 360-degree rotation. To adjust the height, simply activate with the rubberized foot pedal. This allows for a non-slip operation while in the field.

Bright Tangerine Titan Support Arm – $249 USD

The Titan Arm is a unique support articulating arm with its self-supporting feature. Capable of supporting up to 8kg/17lbs it features an ergonomic kip lever that acts as the central locking system, allowing you to simultaneously lock or release all the three articulated joints.

Wooden Camera battery adapter plates – $175- $275 USD

These adapter battery plates give you V-Lock to Gold mount (or Gold mount to V-Lock) with different versions depending on what combination of connectors you have on your camera and battery. Each has three D-Tap connectors.

Titla Nucleus-Nano: Wireless Lens Control System – $229 USD

The Nucleus-Nano is a wireless lens control system specifically designed for handheld gimbal systems. It makes it possible for a single operator to control a lens gear while simultaneously operating their gimbal. The Nano system is compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless, and modified “cine-style” vintage photo lenses.

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom – $379.98 USD

The Misfit Atom 4 x 5.65″ / 4 x 4″ Ultra Lightweight 2-Stage Clip-On Matte Box is a small, lightweight yet strong, clamp-on matte box for lenses with an outer diameter of up to 114mm. It holds up to two 4 x 4″ or 4 x 5.65″ filters without using filter trays and provides a wide field of view suitable for many wide-angle lenses even with two filters mounted.

Smartta SliderMini – $399 USD

The Smartta SliderMini is designed for small mirrorless, DSLR cameras, and smartphones. The SiderMini features a motor and is controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Blind Spot Gear Power Junkie Breakout box for Sony NP-F Batteries – £49

The Power Junkie is a power distribution box that utilizes the popular Sony L series batteries, offering two 5V USB and a DC 7.2V barrel outputs. It is compatible with the NP-F 550, 750 & 970 sizes.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal – $119.95 USD

While DJI now has the Osmo Pocket, if you already own the latest generation smartphone you might be better off with this simple and inexpensive gimbal.

LaCie 2TB DJI Copilot BOSS External Hard Drive – $336.66 USD

he DJI Copilot BOSS provides up to 2TB of storage for up to 60 hours of 4K video at 30 fps and is especially well-suited for those who require an in-field backup solution with direct ingestion that does not require a computer, while also providing mobile file management and mobile device charging.

Dracast LED500 Pro Daylight LED Light with V-Mount Battery Plate – $199.95 USD

A very affordable, daylight balanced LED light. Hard to beat at this price.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video – $148.99 USD

ColorChecker’s are great tools to keep in your bag. They give you a good reference when you are out shooting.

If any of our readers have any good suggestions for gifts, please feel free to list them in the comments section below.

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