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Dynacore D-155MS V-Mount RUGGED Battery

Dynacore in hand

The new Dynacore D-155MS 155 watt battery is following a trend that I like. A slimmer form-fitting style battery to mount on the back of the camera with some kick to boot. This not only looks nice but keeps the camera smaller and more compact.

I’ve been using two models the D-155MS and DD-155S with LCD readout in V-Mount.

Dynacore D-155MS 155 watt battery Highlights

  • 14.8V D-Tap Accessory Port (100W / 8A max output)
  • 5V USB Port for external camera accessories
  • 5 Hour runtime with 30W Camera
  • Rugged build
  • Works with RED, ARRI, Blackmagic URSA, Nauticam, Steadicam
  • Weights 3 lbs
  • Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

Dynacore calls these the rugged model due to the tough outer shell. It adopts a double housing structure. The inner housing isolates the cells from PCB that gives protection to the cells. The outer housing adopts a high hardness PC material. The battery is supposed to handle a fall or get bumped around without damaging it.

Dynacore ports

The D-155MS battery has a 14.8V output D-tap on top of the battery, providing power solutions to camera accessories like onboard light, monitor, wireless transmitter, etc. Maximum output of the D-tap is 100W. Next to the D-tap is a USB port. With so many devices now using USB for power, it’s super handy to have a port on the battery. To turn the USB port on you have to press and hold the button on the side for 3 seconds.

Dynacore LCD

The DD-155S model has the same rugged build but with an LCD screen that gives you battery info like Time left in hours and minutes, Battery fuel gauge, charging cycles and voltage left. The LCD readout is engaged with a push of a button on the side. This button also shows the power level with LED readouts. The LED screen uses an auto sleep setting for power savings and will turn off when unused for twenty seconds. The sleep mode is automatically started after one minute.

The batteries don’t require a proprietary charger so if you already have a V-mount model it will probably work fine to charge.  Dynacore also has a full line of affordable charges.

Dynacore uses Japanese Li-Ion battery cells in all their batteries and they carry a 3 Year USA Warranty. The Dynacore D-155MS retails for $344.85 US and the DD-155S with LCD retails for $409.00 US

Dynacore on URSA Mini Pro

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