XTENDER 210 Friction Mount and No-Twist Adapter for ATOMOS Ninja V

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The XTENDER 210 Friction Mount and No-Twist Adapter for the ATOMOS Ninja V look like nice solid mounting solutions. The Ninja V features the ARRI 2-pin 3/8″ accessory mount. You have two options for mounting points, one on top and one on the bottom.

The ARRI accessory mount is a simple but effective design that has a pin on each side of the 3/8″ screw that prevents devices mounted on it from twisting. A common problem with most 1/4-20″ mounts is that your monitor arm or whatever else you have attached will start loosening or spinning around. This is something that won’t happen when you use the Ninja V, as long as you attach a compatible monitor arm or accessory that uses an ARRI 2-pin 3/8″. There are several companies apart from ARRI that make compatible 2-pin 3/8″ adapters, such as Shape, SmallRig, Wooden Camera, and Bright Tangerine. The latest company to offer a solution is Xtender.

XTENDER No-Twist Adapter


The XTENDER No-Twist Adapter for the ATOMOS Ninja V is a brand new adapter that replaces the retaining ring on the XTENDER Friction Mount. It has been designed to fit snugly into the ARRI style mount on the bottom of the Ninja V.

The XTENDER No-Twist Adapter retails for $39 USD.

XTENDER 210 Friction Mount


The XTENDER (X-FM-210-ANV) Friction Mount for the ATOMOS Ninja V is a full mounting solution that includes the No-Twist Adapter.These friction mounts are claimed to be extremely durable and can handle quite a lot of weight.By slightly turning a knob you have the ability to micro adjust both the panning and tilting friction of the mount.

The ATOMOS No-Twist Adapter was designed to fit snuggly on the bottom of the ATOMOS Monitor/Recorder to prevent the unit from twisting.

This kit will work on virtually any camera or rig with a shoe or 1/4″-20 mount.

The Kit Includes:

1 XTENDER® 210 Friction Mount (X-FM-210)
1 ATOMOS No-Twist Adapter for Ninja V (X-ANTV-10)
1 Thread Reducer from 3/8″-1/4″20
1 High Torque Shoe Mount (X-HTSM-10-FM)
1 Locking Camera Screw Mount-1/4″-20 Mount (X-LCSM-10-FM)



The XTENDER (X-FM-210-ANV) Friction Mount retails for $179 USD.

At $179 USD it’s quite a lot of cash for what on the surface appears to be a simple mounting solution, but if it does the job and stops your Atomos Ninja V from moving around then it may well be worth the cost.

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