Matthews Studio Equipment BabySittr’

The Matthews Studio Equipment BabySittr’ is the only 1/8 Apple (pancake) mount for baby plates that doesn’t need nails or screws. It’s a simple tool designed for positioning lights and accessories near ground level.

Baby plates and pancakes (eighth apple boxes) are more often than not used together to position lights and accessories, to date, it has been common practice to attach the baby plate to a pancake using screws and a screw gun. There are several problems with doing it this way. The first problem is you need tools and hardware to assemble and disassemble the two products. The second problem is that after so many uses, the wood pancake board eventually becomes so full of holes it becomes unusable and you have to throw it out.

To overcome these problems RoadRags inventor, Russell Richins, came up with the BabySitt’r “mini” which allows nearly any industry-standard baby plate to be securely attached in less than two seconds. The other added benefit is it can still be used as a standard pancake whenever needed. The BabySitt’r retainers sit below the surface area of the board itself, allowing it to be used like any other eighth apple when flipped over. It retains all the pancake’s normal functions while saving tons of time. In the time it takes to watch MSE’s short introductory video, you could have several BabySitt’rs rigged and ready. As they say, time is money.

With BabySitt’r, grips, gaffers, and camera people can now quickly mount and secure almost any manufacturer’s baby plates in second, without the need for tools. Two different plate pockets accommodate a wide range of plates and even allow dual plate applications. Space saving, spring loaded, and secure, the BabySitt’r is also compatible with MSE’s MyWay Grip plates for endless rigging possibilities.

The Matthews Studio Equipment BabySitt’r “Mini” 2 Pack will be available in December for $149 USD. For Continental US purchases, you can click here and save $20.00 using promo code, BABYSITTR12. For other purchases, please contact your Matthews dealer of choice: msegrip.com/dealers

Key Features:

Securely and quickly mount baby plates to the Babysitt’r in seconds, without tools or screws.
Works with nearly any baby plate, from most known manufacturers.
Compatible with MyWay Grip Plates for endless rigging possibilities – check out MyWay Grip: bit.ly/MyWayGrip
Compatible with standard Matthews Baby Plates – click here: 3″, 6″, and 12″
Ideal for grips, gaffers, and shooters that want to save time and space.
Two different plate slots to accommodate a wide range of plates or for dual plate applications.
Each BabySitt’r can still be used as a normal pancake/eighth apple
Spring loaded locking system
Patent pending
Only sold in packs of 2
Dims per unit: 11.75” x 9.75” x 1”
Designed and manufactured in the USA

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