Colorspike RGB Light by Bitbanger

The Colorspike RGB light was successfully backed on Kickstarter in March this year and all of the backer units have now shipped. The light has since been available for pre-order with a shipping date of 14th of November. Until the 10th of November, you can still get the special pre-order price of $429 USD, saving $20. The Colorspike is made by the same company that created the Pixelstick for photography.

Designed for stills & video, the Colorspike features a rugged, 52cm (20″) long, fan-less aluminium body with a replaceable 2900 mAh battery. It can be powered via DC and has Bluetooth 4.0 for app control. The light can also be used without the app, using the dial and display screen to toggle between options.

Bitbanger claims the light to be flicker-free, with a refresh rate of >4000hz, has a max brightness of 1800 lumens and draws 18w of power.

App Control

Like many new lights entering the market, one of the main highlights of the app is the ability for the light to be controlled by the companion app. The app features a number of built-in presets and each preset can be customised to suit your needs. The interesting thing about the light is that you have full control over sections of the light and not just the fixture as a whole. In one setup, Bitbanger refers to this method as creating shapes which has an intuitive layers interface for customising the light. Another nice thing about the Colorspike is that you can connect to multiple units simultaneously, controlling them in groups, or creating a pattern that spans across the lights.


Optional barn doors ($35) can be mounted to the Colorspike, offering finer control of the light and shaping capabilities. They mount onto either side of the bar.

Another accessory that essential if you want to use the light with a light stand or other accessory, is the mounting kit ($25).

The mounting kit consists of the main bracket that connects to the light to add a baby pin stud for mounting, a pivoting bracket and a double c-clamp for mounting the power adaptor to the stand.

An accessory bundle with both the barn doors and mounting kit is also available for $50, offering a $10 saving.


The Colorspike is currently available for a special pre-order price of $429 USD for a few more days. After the 10th of November, it will return to the retail price of $449.

There are other RGB light sticks on the market. Digital Sputnik’s Voyager light is available in 2ft and 4ft options and offers similar control over sections of the light. It also has an intuitive companion app for customising the lights output and patterns. The Voyager can also be used underwater, down to 4 meters for up to 24hours. The 2ft retails for $490 USD and the 4ft for $690 USD.

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