XEffects Scrolling Slideshow for FCPX

Industrial Revolution has released XEffects Scrolling Slideshow for FCPX. This new plugin allows users to create continuous scrolling presentations directly within their Final Cut Pro X timelines. The XEffects Scrolling Slideshow lets you combine moves, text titles and transitions to easily create animated slideshows.

The pack contains 31 plugins made up of effect moves, text titles, sliding transitions and overlays. All of which can be applied directly to images or videos without using dropzones or needing keyframes.

You can animate your images to move up, down or zoom in or out, as well as fine tune the speed. The text vertical moves or zooms match the motion of the image or video that is underneath.

Text elements have over 30 built-color selections or you can choose your own to match a corporate color scheme or theme. While plug-ins like this aren’t for everyone, they are an easy way to produce something different and unique for corporate customers or branded video. If you are not very good at doing motion graphics, plug-ins are a simple and effective way of getting good results quickly and efficiently if you don’t have the time or knowledge to design something yourself.


Use photos, graphics or moving video
Use any up or down vertical speed and/or zoom in or out
Image and text moves match perfectly
Auto animating so no fiddly keyframing
No clumsy Drop Zones, audio is maintained in sync
Built-in text color palettes or use your own
On Screen Controls for text placement anywhere on the frame
Add adjustable overlays, screen pumps, and mattes
Add 3 levels of motion blur
4K Ready

XEffects Scrolling Slideshow for FCPX is available for $39.00 USD. You can also download a free trial version to see if it works for you without having to first purchase. The XEffects Scrolling Slideshow is 4K and HD ready.

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