SmallRig Odyssey 7Q+ 15mm Rod mount

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SmallRig has come up with a clever mount for the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ that uses a 15mm rod-clamp mount to provide a solid, non-twist mounting solution for the monitor/recorder.

Despite getting a little long in the tooth, a lot of shooters are still using the Odyssey 7Q+. The multi-versatile monitor/recorder that offers a lot of features not found in other competing products has always been a bit of a pain to attach due to its limited mounting options. Sure you could put it inside some sort of monitor cage, but that often involves making it heavier. SmallRig has recognized this problem and come up with a very simple solution.

The SmallRig Odyssey 7Q+ 15mm Rod mount solves 2 common issues. Firstly, it allows you to mount the device from below the monitor, rather than directly onto the rear of the monitor. Secondly, it utilizes the grooves found on the rear of the Odyssey to provide an anti-twist solution – something which many monitors and other devices suffer from when mounting via a single screw.

Utilizing the built-in grooves on the back of the Odyssey 7Q+ is a clever way of making a compact solution without having to come up with a purpose made ant-twist mechanism. The only drawback of using this mount is it has to be attached to a 15mm rod.

Key Features
1. Non-Twist grooves provide a rock-solid mounting solution.
2. 15mm Rod mount – suited for those utilizing the 15mm rod quick release system for mounting devices

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+, and 15mm rod standard

Package includes
1 x Odyssey 7Q+ 15mm Rod mount
1 x ¼-20 bolt screw
1 x Allen Key

Product dimensions: 31x25x46mm
Product weight:24g
Material:Aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel

The SmallRig Odyssey 7Q+ 15mm Rod mount is now available to pre-order for $16 USD. It is expected to start shipping at the end of October.

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