SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x – 65 w/ Gears & new MicroPrime 18mm T2.8 – IBC 2018

SLR Magic have announced a new Sony E-mount full-frame MicroPrime 18mm T2.8 lens as well as showing a clever collabaration with PD Movie and the Fujinon MK zooms when using the SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x – 65 adapter.


The problem with front mounted anamorphic adapters is you need to focus both the adapter and the lens. This is time consuming and far from ideal. By teaming up with PD Movie they have come up with a cleverr solution so that can focus both the adapter and the the lens at the same time.

The anamorphic adaptor is optimised for the Fujinon MK zoom range of lenses but is also compatible with other lenses that have an 82mm front filter thread.

SLR Magic make a number of anamorphic prime lenses but no zoom anamorphic lenses so they aimed to create an adaptor for the Fujinon MK zoom lenses. The adaptor works through-out the range of the MK 50-135 but only from 30mm on the MK 18-55. While it is optimised for the Fujinon MK lenses, the adaptor can work with other lenses as long as the front glass element is no larger than 65mm like SLR Magic’s MicroPrimes.

Unlike a cropped “anamorphic” image obtained with a spherical lens, this adapter enables you to utilize the total area of your camera’s sensor.

The SLR Magic MicroPrime 18mm T2.8  is a manual focus only lens that has a minumum focus didtance of 17cm. It has 0.8 pitch gears which makes it suitable for use with manual and electronic follow focus systems. The lens is compact and eigh sin at just 580g (20.45oz).

SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x – 65 w/ Gears

Lens Type: Anamorphic adapter

Front diameter for Matte Box: Φ114

Objective front filter thread: Φ112

Objective rear filter thread: Φ82

Gears: 0.8 Pitch Gears

Lens Coating: Multi Coated

Close Focus: dependent on taking lens compatibility

Weight (oz./g): 780g


SLR Magic MicroPrime 18mm T2.8 

Mount: E-mount Full-frame

Focus Type: Manual

Focal Length: 18mm

Maximum Aperture: T2.8

Minimum Aperture: T16

Minimum Focus Distance: 0.17m

Diaphragm Blades: 7

Front filter thread: Φ82

Lens Coating: Multi Coated

Lens Construction: 10 Elements / 9 Groups

Gears: 0.8 Pitch Gears

Dimensions: L 74.0mm x W 85.0mm

Weight (oz./g): 20.45oz / 580g


The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x – 65 w/ Gears is $1,499 USD, and the PD Movie follow focus system is around $900 USD. By the time you include the price of a MK zoom, an entire system is going to cost you around $6000 USD.

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