Litegear Litemat Spectrum light – IBC 2018

The Litemat Spectrum is a range of RGB LED lights from Litegear born out of a desire to use the technology to create the best white light possible.

The Litemat 3 Spectrum is capable of a wide range of colour output, although Litegear say their focus has been on making the best quality white light they can.

Since the last time we saw them, the company has been working on the light’s ballast unit. This accepts AC or DC power and features wired and wireless DMX. Some of the switchgear should look familiar to users of Litegear’s other products – though new to this model is a touchscreen for navigating the menu and changing settings.

The new ballast unit for the Litemat 3 Spectrum.

The Spectrum is intended for use in a variety of shooting situations and Litegear are hoping to have them available to buy in the first quarter of 2019. If you’re LA-based they should have some demo units available in autumn-slash-fall or winter this year.


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