Lectrosonics SPDR digital recorder – IBC 2018

The Lectrosonics Stereo PDR, or SPDR, is a newly developed small audio recorder designed for a range of recording applications, although if you’re shooting news or interviews a good use of it would be as a redundant recording of talent wearing a radio mic.

The box can accept analog line level and AES digital sources, or lav microphones wired for Lectrosonics five-pin inputs. There’s also a headphone output that Lectrosonics say provides a broadcast quality feed, and an external power input.

Power wise there’s space inside for two AA batteries, which should last for around eight hours, but the unit will switch between power sources if one of them  becomes unavailable.

The SPDR records to microSDHC cards in 24bit Broadcast Wave Format (.WAV) and 24 bit depth, in sample rates of either 48 kHz or 96 kHz. It can be jammed with timecode via a Lemo connector, and features a temperature compensated time base crystal to minimise the risk of drift.

The SPDR will also record a -20dB safety track that duplicates the main inputs at a lower level to avoid peaking.

Lectrosonics SPDR price and availability

The retail price of the SPDR is $1,495 and it’s available now.


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