Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro Matte Box – IBC 2018

Wooden Camera is showing a prototype lightweight matte box called the Zip Box Pro. The matte box comes in two versions: a swing away and a clip-on. The key feature of the new Zip Box Pro is how light it is.

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro_filter slot

The matte box can hold up to three filters or you can have one slightly angled to prevent flares. On top is a simple spring-loaded clip to simply release the filters.

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro_Swing away

The 15mm rail-mount swing away arm doesn’t use a typical locking pin – it has a locking friction mount to keep it in place. The swing-away arm is also very light due to the design. They shaved down as much material as possible to keep it strong as well as light. The mount is adjustable with 4mm up and down for a good fit.

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro_flag closed

The Zip Box Pro has a carbon fiber top flag. When closed it covers the entire front of the matte box to protect the filters.

The kit includes a set of step down reduction rings to take the native 114mm opening to 110mm, 104mm  95mm, 87mm, and 80mm. A cloth donut is also included if a non-standard lens is being used.

The clamp-on version is the same basic housing however it has a different back that holds the 114mm clamp in place. If you need a different diameter you have to change the back plate or insert a universal adapter for the proper size needed.

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro_Open

The Zip Box Pro looks to be a good option for camera setups that need to be lighter or compact – a good option for gimbals and tight spaces.

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro price and availability

The Zip Box Pro with swing-away arm will retail for $499 US and the clamp on version is $399 US. As this is a prototype shipping dates will be announced soon.

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