Wooden Camera BMPCC 4K cage – IBC 2018

The Wooden Camera BMPCC 4K cage is a form fitting rig for Blackmagic’s hotly anticipated Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.


The Wooden Camera cage leaves the camera’s integrated grip uncovered and features a folding handle that you can reposition on the side of the cage to use as a grip there via a 15mm rod connection.

There are plenty of 1/4″20 and 3/8 mounting holes on the top and side of the cage, an HDMI protector (including a right-angle adapter) and a quick release based on the Manfrotto video dovetail. This means you can slot it straight into a compatible Manfrotto tripod if you want to.

Build it and they will come (to admire your rig)

If you’re after a more built-out rig as seen in Erik’s video above you can dock it with Wooden Camera’s DSLR Baseplate, which will let you add 15mm rods for a follow focus or other accessories. Those might include a power solution that offers more juice than the camera’s own battery – Blackmagic’s previous Pocket Cinema Camera was quite power hungry and the new model apparently continues this tradition.

There’s also a lens adapter support included so if you’re using a Metabones adapter with the BMPCC 4K you can tie into the 1/4″20 on the bottom and avoid any wiggle from the lens mount.

Wooden Camera BMPCC 4K cage price and availability

Deliveries of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K are due to start later this month and Wooden Camera’s cage is due to be available at the same time for $350 US. The DSLR baseplate seen above is available now for $199 US.

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