Wooden Camera battery adapter plates – IBC 2018

Wooden Camera were showing their range of battery adapter plates at IBC this year – all made from metal to avoid wiggle issues you sometimes get when using plastic plates.

Metal 4 Ever

First up are adapters to go from V-Lock to Gold mount (or Gold mount to V-Lock) with different versions depending on what combination of connectors you have on your camera and battery. Each has three (count ’em!) D-Tap connectors – Wooden Camera say this is only possible by working in metal as the tolerances are too fine to make them in a plastic moulding.

Don’t blow a fuse

The adapters also feature a ‘digital fuse’ so if there is something wrong with your power supply a red light will come on and the plate will stop supplying power until you’ve fixed the problem. Once you’re good to go again you can press the reset button and carry on shooting.

Wooden Camera also have camera specific plates with captive cables – in the picture above Ryan demonstrates a version for the Canon C200 with a Lemo compatible connector.

Wooden Camera battery adapter plates – price and availability

The various plates are all available now, starting at $175 US for a simple V-Lock plate, rising to $249 US for the Gold Mount to V-Lock adapters, and $275 US for the camera-specific plates.

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