Vocas Sony E-mount to LPL adapter – IBC 2018

LPL is bound to become the industry standard mount for full frame digital cinema cameras moving forward. We have already started to see LPL mount adapters appear and the latest is from Vocas: a Sony E-mount to LPL lens adapter.

The Vocas Sony E-mount to LPL adapter.

LPL: From ALEXA LF to Sony a7

LPL lenses and LPL camera mounts were introduced by ARRI when they announced the ALEXA LF. This new adapter will make the most sense when used on Sony a7 series full frame cameras, as well as the full frame Sony VENICE which has a lever lock type E-mount behind its PL-mount.  Switching from PL-mount to E-mount on the VENICE is as simple as removing six hex screws.  

ARRI LPL lens meets Sony VENICE camera via the Vocas Sony E-mount to LPL adapter.

You’ll be able to use the adapter with or without 15 mm support rods, although a 15 mm support for LPL adapters for top rails will also be available.

Get closer

Vocas are also working on an LPL-to-LPL adapter that will function in the same way as an extension tube, adding macro capability to regular lenses.

Vocas Sony E-mount to LPL adapter price and availability

The mount is currently in prototype form but Vocas hope to be shipping by the end of the year for a price of around €500.

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