Sony NX200 4K camcorder – IBC 2018

The new Sony NX200 is an entry-level camcorder with a 1″ sensor that records to Sony’s XAVC-S codec. The camera features a 12x optical zoom (with an additional electronic Clear Image Zoom too) and independent manual controls on the lens barrel for focus, iris and zoom. That’s really nice to see on an entry level camera.

The NX200 is a neat package with newly tweaked colour science.

No surprises (and maybe that’s a good thing)

Manual controls for focus iris and zoom are a welcome sight on an entry-level camcorder.

There are built-in ND filters, dual XLRs and the camera uses the same batteries as the existing NX line. It looks like you could pick this up and start shooting with an absolute minimum of fuss. Sony’s useful MI shoe system is also built into the camera, so if you also have Sony’s wireless mic system you can clip the receiver into the MI shoe and it will power the receiver and transfer audio to the camera.

XLRs still feature as well as the MI shoe.

New colour but no S-Log

MI shoe included; boat optional.

Sony are aiming the NX200 at event and corporate shooters on a budget – so there’s no S-Log or instant HDR options. What you do get though is a new sensor and ‘improved colour rendition.’ Sony’s Claus Pfeifer compares this to the difference in colour between the FS5 mark I and mark II, though he didn’t suggest that you could match footage from the NX200 with material from its bigger brothers.

Sony NX200 price and availability

The NX200 will be available in October for €2,200. Tempted? Let us know in the comments below!

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