ARRI Stellar – IBC 2018

ARRI Stellar is a new intelligent app for professional lighting control available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Stellar simplifies lighting control by automatically managing complex DMX settings through the use of a graphic control interface. Programmed intelligence and advanced communication make connecting ARRI SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures to the app simple and straightforward.

Stellar has been designed to be equally at home controlling dozens of lights on a large film set, or just a couple of lights on a small project. ARRI will be adding additional features through app updates down the track

Color Mode Switching

There are seven ways to select color and lighting effects with the SkyPanel. With Stellar, it is possible to instantly switch between control modes so that a color can be chosen with an interface best suited for that mode. There is no need to worry about DMX footprints or addresses as Stellar’s backend takes care of this. Simply pick the color mode desired and adjust the output accordingly.

Bringing Gels to the L-Series

Using Stellar, it is now possible to set gels and sources on all ARRI L-Series fixtures. Due to a L-Series hardware limitation, this was not possible in the past. Stellar’s interface now can send gel and source matching color data in the background directly to the fixture. It is now possible to choose from over 300 gels and over 45 light source matching colors.

No more complicated DMX

Stellar’s auto layout feature makes DMX patching a thing of the past. The app will automatically set the DMX start addresses for all fixtures and continue to manage the network in order to avoid any overlapping devices. Without the need to worry about DMX settings, there is more time to focus on the creative aspects of lighting. In addition, Stellar will navigate the DMX network for you. With the automatic discovery of fixtures, Stellar will search your DMX/RDM network and find every ARRI fixture connected to it. Simply assign the found devices to a project and start lighting. Whether it’s 10 fixtures, 100 fixtures, or more, Stellar can handle it.

Create a lighting plan

Stellar lets users create a 2-dimensional plan of their lighting set up so they can see exactly where every fixture is and get a quick reference as to what needs to be changed.

Create and save looks

Creating different lighting looks is a key aspect of any lighting scene. Looks can be stored in Stellar which save all fixture settings and color selections. Switching between a day look and a night look has never been easier. Stellar will take care of switch color modes, settings, and output for all fixtures within a matter of moments.

Stellar is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

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