Aladdin ALL-IN 1 70W RGB / Bi-Color LED – IBC 2018

Aladdin has shown their new ALL-IN 1 70W RGB / BI-COLOR LED lights at IBC in Amsterdam.  Flexible lights have been very popular with shooters due to their light weight and portability, but RGB models have been slow to appear.

Aladdin ALL-IN LED lights
RGB lights unlock a vast array of options for lighting. Remember though: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Aladdin has two models available, the 1×1 ( ALL-IN 1) or 2×1 (ALL-IN 2) panel. Both models come in either RGB or traditional Bi-color.

Aladdin ALL-IN control apps

The ALL-IN 1 and ALL-IN 2 RGB lights can be controlled via a wireless dimmer, or a new app which allows you to control the brightness, color temperature and RGB functionality of the lights remotely.

The Aladdin ALL-IN lights can be controlled remotely via an app for Android and iOS.

There is also motion control for the new panels that can be used with the app and the optional remote control as well, allowing users to control dimming or color temperature with a tilt movement of their hand.

Aladdin ALL-IN Power and dimming

More prosaically, the lights have integrated dimmers and DMX control, and a simple single attachment for V-Lock batteries that cuts down on the number of wires needed when rigging the lights.

One less thing to lose: the ALL-IN 1 lights feature an integrated dimmer.

The lights have a very wide 140° beam angle and a claimed CRI of 98. The ALL-IN 1 draws 70W of power and the ALL-IN 2 draws 130W.

The DMX controller is very compact.

Aladdin ALL-IN 1 Bi-Color colour rendering and output

We took a few moments on the show floor at IBC to test the output of these new lights using our trusty Sekonic C-700 meter. We set the Bi-Color version of the ALL-IN 1 to a temperature of 5600K for our measurements (although this is a pre-production version of the light so output could potentially change in production units):

Aladdin All-1 Bi-Color 5600K

Here’s the output and Kelvin colour temperature data for the Bi-Color version of the light:

Aladdin ALL-IN1 Bi-Color 5600K

It’s a little off in terms of colour temperature (5979K v an indicated 5600K) and output at 1m was 1,420 lux.

Aladdin ALL-IN 1 Color colour rendering and output

And here are our colour measurements from the RGB version of the light:

Aladdin ALL-IN1 Color 5600K

Colour accuracy and output details:

Aladdin ALL-IN1 Color 5600K

As you can see from the chart above, surprisingly the Color RGB model’s output (1,860 lux at 1m) is just under 25% higher than the Bi-Color version. We’d expect this to be the other way around if anything – a trade-off for the added flexibility of the RGB LED array – so we’ll test again when there are review units available.

Again, similarly to the Bi-Color fixture, with the RGB version the colour temperature is a bit off from the indicated 5600K –although the two units are close enough to each other that you could mix and match them without too many problems.

Aladdin ALL-IN 1 lights (Bi-Color on the left and RGB on the right)

Aladdin ALL-IN prices

ALL-IN 1 BI – $699 US

ALL-IN 1 COLOR – $899 US

ALL-IN 2 BI – $1,099 US

ALL-IN 2 COLOR – $1,299 US


Light Source High Power LEDs (50W Bi-Color / 20W RGB)
CRI CRI 98 / TLCI 98
Beam Angle 140°
Dimmer 0%-100% (1% resolution)
Output channel 2 Channels / White BI-COLOR
3 Channels / RGB Color
Support DMX512 Optional
Input AC/DC 12V to 24V Or 90-240V

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