8Sinn BMPCC 4K Camera Cage & Accessories


8sinn has released their cage solutions for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with a half cage and full cage option.

Along with the cages, they have also released accessories to mount the Samsung T5 SSD drive and are working on universal SSD mounts as the BMPCC 4K can record directly to these drives via the USB-C connection.

The cage is ergonomically designed and constructed out of one piece of aluminium. It has full access to the battery, ports and card slots and is mounted via a single 1/4″-20 screw but has two locating pins to provide anti-twist.

Both cages feature a number of 1/4″ mounting points on the side and top along with a cold shoe mount. The included cable clamp also mounts onto the side and can be adjusted to fit different sized cables. A lens adapter mount can also be attached to the front of the cage.

If you don’t want to cover the whole camera body, the half cage is a nice option, which still gives you all of the mounting options.

8sinn also sells the cages bundled with three options of top handles. The basic top handle is hard mounted with two 1/4″-20 screws, the Pro top handle adds NATO rail support and the ability to slide the handle forward and back for counterbalance and the third option, the Scorpio top handle mounts via an ARRI rosette, allowing the handle to be rotated 360-degrees and has a 15mm rod mount.

Samsung T5 SSD Mount

8sinn has also shown a bracket to securely mount a Samsung T5 SSD. It clamps securely onto the drive and a locking cable clamp. It also comes with the 15mm rod and comes with a cold shoe to 15mm rod mount to connect to the camera.


BMPCC 4K Half Cage $179 USD
Top Handle Basic Kit $249 USD
Top Handle Pro Kit $339 USD
Top Handle Scorpio Kit $339 USD

BMPCC 4K Full Cage $279 USD
Top Handle Basic Kit $339 USD
Top Handle Pro Kit $429 USD
Top Handle Scorpio Kit $429 USD

All of the options can be found on the 8sinn website.

SSD Holder for Samsung T5 on 15mm Rod $55
SSD Holder for Samsung T5 on Cold Shoe $95

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