Teradek Introduces Integrated Lens Mapping with SmallHD, CTRL.1 & the MOTR.X

CTRL.1 Teradek RT Single Channel Controller Front

Teradek has introduced integrated lens mapping with SmallHD, as well as a powerful new motor to the Teradek RT Line. The MOTR.X and CTRL.1, are the newest additions to the Teradek RT line of advanced lens control.

Teradek RT’s new CTRL.1 single-axis hand unit introduces built-in lens mapping into the controller. The availability of wireless lens controllers with precision lens mapping has long been limited to high-end cinematic products, but with the CTRL.1, Teradek is bringing lens-mapping to a wider audience of focus pullers. By storing detailed lens profiles onboard the CTRL.1, users can quickly change lenses on set without having to dig through their bag for the right handwritten plastic ring.

smallHD integration

We first saw a demo of this integration at Cinegear 2018

In addition to Teradek’s lens-mapping technology, the CTRL.1 features very clever integration with SmallHD monitors. By connecting a Teradek RT CTRL.1 controller into a SmallHD monitor, focus pullers will be able to view a variety of lens data overlays, which mirror the actual position of the lens focus, iris or zoom. We saw a prototype of this at NAB earlier in the year, and then again at Cinegear.  It really is one of those products where you wonder why it hasn’t been done before.

By adding real-time lens data as a SmallHD monitor overlay, focus pullers can just look at the monitor and not have to constantly move their eyes back and forward from the wireless focus unit to the monitor.


The CTRL.1 hand unit is a powerful, single-axis wireless controller with built-in lens mapping and data storage. In addition, the CTRL.1 features the industry’s first iris mapping capability designed for DITs. With iris mapping, DITs can pre-program lens calibrations directly into the controller and choose from a selection as needed, allowing them to use one ring to control their entire package. Controllers are compatible with all previous lines of Teradek RT products. CTRL.1 units can be purchased without the lens/iris mapping addon, which can be added at any later time.


The MOTR.X is claimed to operate with lightning-fast speed and incredible torque while remaining totally silent. Teradek claims that the motor has 6x the service life of brushed motors and includes a quick-release rod-mount and a rapid tool-less gear swap mechanism. Additionally, new in/out motor ports pass data and power, allowing MOTR.X units to be daisy-chained from one motor to the next, reducing cable clutter on your rig.

Units begin shipping Fall 2018.


CTRL.1: $1499.95 USD

CTRL.1 Lens Mapping Upgrade – Metric: $999.95 USD

CTRL.1 Lens Mapping Upgrade – Imperial: $999.95 USD

MOTR.X: $2499.95 USD

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