MTF Services Nikon Z-Mount Adapters

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MTF Services has just announced the arrival of a complete range of the world’s first lens adapters for Nikon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera system, the Z-Series.​ There are 4 Nikon Z-Mount adapters available.

4 World First Nikon Z-Mount Adapters from MTF – Including:
  • PL to Z Mount
  • Panavision to Z Mount
  • B4 to Z Mount
  • ARRI Bayonet to Z mount
MTF Services are no strangers to making lens adapters, for the last decade they have made countless adapters for just about every camera mount you can think of. The new Nikon Z-Mount has a flange distance of 16mm and a large inner mount diameter of 55mm, this allows for a wide variety of lenses to be used through adapters.
MTF Services believes Nikon has launched a ‘real’ competitor to Sony’s full-frame mirrorless system. They believe that their new range of lens adapters will help broaden the shooting options for those with collections of rival glass.

The new range of Z Series lens adapters from MTF will be shown for the first time during IBC 2018, which takes place between the 13 – 18th September in Amsterdam.  They will be available to order at the end of September 2018. Shipping will coincide with availability of initial products from Nikon’s Z Series full-frame mirrorless system.

Currently there is no indication about pricing.

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