When will the BMPCC 4K ship?

The BMPCC 4K was announced way back in April this year, and at the time Blackmagic Design said that the camera would start shipping in September. Well, we still aren’t exactly sure when in September it will be. Different retailers have different shipping dates listed, some as early as the 10th September, others as late as the 5th October.


The BMPCC 4K is arguably one of the most anticipated camera releases this year and shooters have been salivating at the chance of getting hold of a $1295 USD camera that can shoot in DCI 4K 4096 x 2160 up to 60 fps in Cinema DNG or Prores 422HQ. On paper at least, the BMPCC 4K offers a lot of bang for your buck. It will be interesting to see how it actually performs in the real world once people get a hold of it.

So when will it ship? I think it really will depend on when your favorite retailer ordered stock from Blackmagic as to when you will actually be able to get your BMPCC 4K. Like most camera releases, there is always a limited supply that gets sent out to retailers who ordered stock first. If your retailer didn’t order early or could only get limited stock, you will probably have to wait until more cameras come in.

Sites such as B&H have the expected availability of the camera listed as October 5th, but I believe this is the date for new orders, and not for people who ordered early.  To be crystal clear, according to Blackmagic, “The dates communicated by B&H (or any other reseller) at this point are not from us.” A lot of companies making media as well as camera cages for the BMPCC 4K that I have spoken to aren’t going to be shipping their products until October.

UK Digital has the availability listed as September 10th.

In Japan, the camera is still listed as “Waiting for backorder”

In Australia, availability is listed as September, but no dates are given.

Newsshooter reached out to Blackmagic to get a response on when the BMPCC will actually start shipping and we were told: “We still expect to ship in September.”

Have you pre-ordered a BMPCC 4K, if so, why? Are you waiting to see what the camera is actually like before purchasing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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