MZed Pro Update – The Science of Storytelling, Philip Bloom’s Masterclass & Mastering Color

The MZed Pro library of educational content continues to grow, offering more value for the annual $299 USD membership. Let’s take a look at the latest additions to the library as well as a new color grading course from Ollie Kechington.

The Science of Storytelling

We all want to tell a captivating story in our films, evoking emotion in the audience but how do you do this every time no matter the subject, this is where Muse comes in with The Science of Storytelling, now available to stream for all MZed Pro Members or purchase to keep.

What is it?

The Science of Storytelling is a comprehensive course to provide a framework for developing the story for your project. Created by Patrick Moreau and the Muse Storytelling team, the course uses real-world examples from their original series, The Remarkable Ones.

Using the award-winning films as examples for the course, they take you behind the scenes, break down and analyse the process of creating the films from the first pitch to the final frame.

Want to learn more?

Interested to find out more about the course?
You can watch the first introductory module for free where Patrick and the Muse team give you an overview of the course and how you can apply it to your filmmaking.
The Science of Storytelling is available to all MZed Pro members, which costs USD $299 for an annual subscription and gives you access to the complete library of educational content. Alternatively, you can purchase the course to stream and download for USD $499.

Mastering Color Preorder

A new in-depth course from Ollie Kechington, “Mastering Color” is also now available for pre-order, arriving in October. We reviewed the first “Directing Color” short course so the full in-depth course on color grading is sure to be packed full of information for anyone looking to improve their color grading skills.

The course is 6 hours and 15 minutes long and broken up into eight modules.

Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass

Originally sold separately from the MZed Pro library, the Cinematic Masterclass course by Philip Bloom is now available to stream as part of the MZed Pro membership.
Visit the MZed website to learn more and join MZed Pro.

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