KipperTie LPL Mounts for RED DSMC2 & Sony Venice


If you want to use the new LPL range of lenses like the ARRI Signature Primes with your Sony Venice or RED DSMC2 camera, you’re in luck.

Sold exclusively through CVP, KipperTie has released the KT-LPL-S LPL mount for the Sony Venice & KT-LPL-R for RED DSMC2 cameras.

Machined from stainless steel and 7075 aluminium, the mounts are easily installed with the captive screws and have been optically optimised to minimise flare and gate shadow. They both come with a custom foam-filled waterproof hard case with spare fasteners and a fitting tool.

Backfocus is also adjustable with shims.

Pricing & Availability

Both the KT-LPL-S & KT-LPL-R retail for £2,250 excluding VAT and are estimated to start shipping in 2 to 4 weeks.

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