DJI to offer camera swap service for Mavic 2 Pro & Mavic 2 Zoom

Last week, DJI announced the successor to the Mavic Pro with not one but two models, the Mavic 2 Pro & the Mavic 2 Zoom.

At BIRTV, Matt spoke to DJI to learn more about the features and upgrades from the original Mavic Pro.

Zoom or Pro?

The main discussion for new owners looking to pick up the drone is deciding which model to buy. There are many arguments for both models and there are many situations where each drone excels.

The ability for the Mavic 2 Zoom to record from a distance, resulting in more compression is something you can’t do on the Pro. Similarly, the Pro has the large 1″ sensor and can record its image in 10-bit DLog-m.

Camera Swap Service (4:30 in the video)

Unlike the Inspire 2 series where owners can swap out the camera, the Mavic 2 camera and gimbal assembly doesn’t have a release where the owner can quickly swap out and replace the assembly. Many people have asked whether DJI will offer the cameras for sale individually so they can go from the Pro camera to the Zoom model but DJI has said they won’t be doing this for safety.

Instead, DJI will be offering a swap procedure through their technical support locations which will require the drone to be sent in. This is similar to how Canon has a PL to EF mount swap.

It’s not clear on how the program will work yet, whether they give you the original camera to keep for later and how much the service will cost but it’s good to know that it will be possible.

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