New Updated Top Handles from Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera has released two new Top Handle camera accessories.

Both handles feature a plenty of 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 & ARRI accessory mounts, front & rear cold shoe mounts as well as a 15mm rod clamp for additional accessories like an EVF mount.

The main difference between the two is that the Top Handle V2 is fixed with screws and the other uses a 70mm NATO rail for quick release mounting. This is a good choice if you are travelling and need to pack down your camera setup often as you can quickly take off the top handle and any other accessories to fit into your backpack.

The NATO handle kit includes an updated version of Wooden Camera’s NATO rail which has the usual safety pin but adds an additional ARRI accessory mount on the other end.

The  Top Handle V2 mounts via three screws in the channel slots. This means you can use it with a number of different top plates since you have a range of placement for the screws. It has a shorter height profile compared to the NATO Top Handle and is quite a bit cheaper if you don’t need the added quick release feature.

The NATO Handle Plus V2 Kit which includes the top handle, 70mm NATO rail and two mounting screws retails for $250.

The Top Handle V2 which includes the Top handle & mounting screws retails for $140.

Both are available now from the Wooden Camera online store.

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