XL ColorChecker Video Target from X-Rite

X-Rite has responded to requests from their customers who have wanted a larger ColorChecker target.

At Cinegear, X-Rite had the XL ColorChecker on show at their booth. Erik spoke to Brenda Hipshire from X-Rite to learn more about the XL ColorChecker.

At approximately four times the size of the regular ColorChecker, the larger size will be useful for drone and multi-cam applications.

The XL ColorChecker is expected to be available in July and pricing is yet to be released.

Want to learn more about the ColorChecker?

The ColorChecker targets are actually painted on paper with very tight tolerance. The targets have an expected life range of two to five years depending on how it is used.

Brenda shares that light and fingerprint oils are the two main factors which can degrade the targets so they are best to be stored in a dark place or case.

The Directing Color course from MZedu which we reviewed here also has a Color Calibrating module where Ollie Kechington takes you step by step through the process of using a ColorChecker for accurate color on set.



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