Power the ALEXA LF – Blueshape MVAL-LF Adaptor

blueshape mvallf

Powering the ALEXA LF is not as straightforward as placing a regular block battery on the back due to its high power demand.

Blueshape has released their solution in the form of the MVAL-LF adaptor that mounts directly onto the back of the ALEXA LF and provides a regulated 21V to the camera from standard V-Lock batteries.

The adaptor also doubles up as an extra power source for ‘hot-swap’ operations when the camera is powered from external DC sources.

You will still need to use some beefy batteries though as the camera requires 160 watts. To meet this requirement, Blueshape also released the BV290-HDPlus batteries which can discharge up to 20A and more than 200W.

The adaptor is set to retail for £750 and the BV20-HDPlus at £680



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