Really Right Stuff 100mm FH-7240 Sinusoidal Fluid Head & TMC Tripods

Really Right Stuff has been a mainstay in supporting stills cameras with ball heads and tripods for many years. They introduced their first sinusoidal fluid head the 75mm FH-350 (max load 10 pounds) a few years ago. At Cine Gear 2018 Really Right Stuff introduced the new 100mm FH-7240 sinusoidal fluid head that is designed for heavier loads up to 35 pounds with a minimum of 10 pounds.

The FH-7240 sinusoidal design enables the user to dial in a perfect counterbalance for the weight of the camera. This is ideal to get the smoothest tilts without the camera wanting to continue to tilt after the move has ended. With most fluid heads the counterbalance is done in step adjustments. Mostly three to five. If your camera is between those steps you will have to make due.

As I mentioned earlier, Really Right Stuff makes a lot of products for stills cameras however the quick release systems can be used on video cameras as well. I use the Arca/Swiss style plates and their lever release clamps on all my tripods. With FH-7240 the clamp is integrated into the top plate of the fluid head.

TMC Tripods

Really Right Stuff was also showing a new line of cinema tripods. The TMC tripods feature the tried and tested carbon fiber legs with the addition of Cine-style leg locks. A spreader can be used at mid-level or at floor level to provide maximum support at different heights. In a nice touch, there are a number of accessory mounting points on the tripod including an ARRI rosette, 1/4″-20 and ARRI 3/8″ accessory mounts.

Depending on your needs, the tripods will be available in 100mm & 150mm bowls or Mitchell mounts.

The FH-7240 and TMC tripods are expected to be available in Q4. The FH-7240 will retail for around USD $5,500. The Tripods will start from around USD $2,500.

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