Zero Optik reengineers & rehouses vintage lenses for cinema use

Zero Optik has some very interesting vintage lenses they are rehousing. Not only are they replacing the outer portion with a fully cineized body but also re-engineering them as well. These vintage lenses are not sourced from Zero Optik. The customer supplies the lenses to them for the service. You need to be aware that good condition Nikon Noct-Nikkor Ai-s 58mm f/1.2 lenses are hard to find and also very expensive. In Japan, they can be found for around 400,00 JPY ($3,600 USD).

Zero Optik Nikon

A special lens they have done this with is the Nikon Noct-Nikkor Ai-s 58mm f/1.2 Lens. This vintage Nikon lens was popular in the 70’s for astrophotography. Its performance at f1.2 is supposed to excellent. Zero Optik states it’s as close to a master prime as you can get. The focus is changed to the “right way” as opposed to the Nikon way with an all-new 300-degree focus cam.Zero Optik Angenieux Another fast and special lens they are rehousing is the Angenieux M1 50mm f/0.95 (T1.00). This lens was designed for military surveillance. It has very unique look wide open. The lens wasn’t designed for cinema use so Zero Optik added a 16-blade iris and PL mount basically re-engineering the entire lens.

Zero Optik Baltar

Last but not least is the original Bausch and Lomb Baltar Cine 50mm f2.3 lens. This vintage lens is the first model Zero Optik converted. It was a challenge that they wanted to win and success has been achieved. The Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar Cine Lens is best known for being used by Gordon Willis in the filming of the Godfather.

To get these beauties fully rehoused will cost approximately $3000 to $6000 each. Maybe the toughest part is finding these vintage lenses but if you are a lens geek and really want to jump into the rabbit hole Zero Optik is ready to assist you.


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