Ignite Digi making life easier for Movi & Ronin gimbals with quick release systems

Nothing is more frustrating than when you have several different pieces of kit that all have different mounting systems. Going from one to the other quickly just doesn’t happen. Ignite Digi has created a mounting and camera rigging ecosystem to help solve this problem with custom bridge plates, top plates and brackets to go from a Movi to a Ronin or a handheld configuration without pulling out a tool and swapping out mounting hardware.

Ignite Digi camera plate

Ignite Digi camera plate 2

The Ignite Digi bottom plate $450US is a two in one design. It has a Ronin 2 dovetail on the outside and Movi dovetail on the inside. The bridge plate also allows other side plates to be attached.Ignite Digi camera top plate The Ignite Digi top plate $409US also integrates with both Movi and Ronin systems plus power taps to make getting other devices juiced up while keeping cables under control.

Ignite Digi camera side plate

A side plate is also available to add wireless transmitters and other kit the user might need. Keeping the camera nice and clean with minimal mounting distances is important when using gimbals. Ignite Digi custom manufactures all these parts in Tasmania, Australia.

They are a small two-man company making products to make our lives easier on set. You know that old saying time is money.

If you have any questions or inquiries, get in touch with [email protected]

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