Wooden Camera shows working Shark Fin Battery solution for ARRI Alexa LF

Wooden Camera showed Newsshooter exclusively at Cine Gear Expo a working prototype powering solution for the ARRI LF camera. The Wooden Camera Shark Fin mounts directly to the back of the ARRI LF camera allowing two batteries to be attached that will fulfil the 24-volt requirements the ARRI LF needs to operate.

The Wooden Camera Arri LF Shark Fin also allows hot swapping batteries. Battery data is also available in the camera due to the data contacts on the Wooden Camera Arri LF Shark Fin. This is a major accomplishment for Wooden Camera as it went from proof of concept then testing the new solution at Cine Gear and showed the product worked as it should. Wooden Camera Arri LF Shark Fin

Not only does the ARRI LF require a lot of juice to operate all the bits the operator wants to add a wireless follow focus, video transmitter and a monitor all need power as well. The benefit to tap into the camera’s power makes this much easier.

The Wooden Camera Arri LF Shark Fin will start shipping early July and will retail for approximately $1,500US.

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