Aputure and Chimera team up to create softbox for Light Storm LS1

The Aputure Light Storm LS1 is a punchy LED light prime for a softbox. Well, Aputure and Chimera teamed up to make one that is very simple to use.

Aputure Soft box

The softbox doesn’t require a frame. Instead, it uses the barn doors to attach. The Chimera softbox has four sleeves that the barn doors slide into. This makes it very simple and doesn’t add any extra weight to the fixture. The softbox will come with two front diffusers that velcro to the front.

Aputure Soft box

Pricing for the Chimera softboxes is approximately $250 to $290.

Aputure Light Kits

AAputure Soft box lighting kit1Aputure also released two new light kits For the COB 120, LS1, LS1c. These SKB Think Tank Photo hard shell cases can hold three fixtures plus accessories making it a very durable safe way to transport.

Aputure Soft box lighting kit3Aputure is growing and they want to make products that are durable and can be a good fit for the rental market. These cases, as well as the new Light Storm COB 120d Mark II, are steps in this direction.

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