Panavision unveils the DXL-M, LCND filter, and a host of new lenses

DXL-M from Panavision on Vimeo.

Today Panavision unveiled the DXL-M, a new camera add-on  designed to work with RED DSMC2 cameras. DXL-M marries the quality and performance of DXL with the smaller size and weight of the DSMC2. DXL-M brings popular features of DXL to RED MONSTRO, GEMINI, and HELIUM sensors, such as the DXL menu system (via an app for the iPhone), LiColor2, motorized lenses, wireless timecode (ACN), and the Primo HDR viewfinder. The DXL-M will be available in Q4 2018.

DXL-M Menu

More detailed info is limited at this time as this is a teaser pre-Cine Gear but stay tuned for more on the new Panavision DXL-M as specifications and if it’s for sale as opposed to a rental only.

DXL-M power_video

It’s interesting to see the convergence of the Panavision DXL with RED’s MONSTRO, GEMINI, and HELIUM cameras. The product looks to be a back more so than an actual camera. It adds features and usability of the Panasonic DMX to the RED cinema camera plus the added 600nit HDR Primo Viewfinder.

DXL-M Viewfinder

It looks like a solution to the ARRI mini for Panavision when a smaller cinema camera is needed and the ease of use to add if the main camera is a Panavision DXL. Same menu and functionality make life potentially easier.

Panavision also announced what they are claiming  is cinema’s first dynamically adjustable liquid crystal neutral density (LCND) filter . The LCND will let users instantly adjusts up to six individual stops with a single click or ramp.

This is a new direction for Panavision and it looks to be a very unique way of adjusting your exposure. The LCND starts at 0.3 and goes through 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, to 1.8. It will be available sometime in 2019.

Panavision have also announced the Primo X and PanaSpeed large-format lenses.

  • Primo X is the first cinema lens specially designed for use on drones and gimbals. They are fully sealed, weather proof, and counterbalanced to be aerodynamic, and able to easily maintain a proper center of gravity. Primo X lenses come in two primes – 14mm (T3.1) and 24mm (T1.6) – and one 24-70mm zoom (T2.8). Available in 2019.
  • PanaSpeed is a large-format update of the classic Primo look. At T1.4, PanaSpeed will be the fastest large-format lens option available on the market. Available in Q3 2018.

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