New range of quick release systems from Wooden Camera

New quick release accessories from Wooden Camera are now available and shipping.

Touch & Go System

The Touch & Go System is an industry standard quick release system compatible with OConnor 120mm, Sachtler, and Ronford Baker. The system uses a lever to lock the plate into place and a safety lever.


It is compatible with:
• 120mm O’Connor Euro
• Sachtler 35
• Ronford Baker RBQ

The Touch & Go System retails for USD $399.
Additional plates – USD $95
Additional Receivers – USD $325


New V-Lock Accessory Plates

Speed up your set up and pack up times with these new quick releases. Using the standard V-Lock or V-Dock standard, the new V-Lock Base Station & Wedge Kit (Arri Accessory Mount) and the Offset V-Lock Wedge & Base Station Kit. Both kits use the same V-Lock receiver that can be attached to a camera or cage via the 1/4″ or 3/8″ holes. A set screw can also be installed with the 3/8″ screw for anti-twist. A nice touch from Wooden Camera is including plenty of screws with the kits, including small 1/4″ grub screws which can be used to mount the V-Lock receiver via two 1/4″ mounting screws so that the receiver won’t twist if you don’t have an ARRI Accessory mount on your camera or cage.


If you need more flexibility in mounting your accessory, you can use the Offset V-Lock Wedge which has two mounting points for 3/8″ or 1/4″. The Offset Wedge has two mounting ports which can be used with the included 3/8″ or 1/4″ screws depending on your needs. There are set screw positions located throughout for anti-twist.


Pricing & Availability

The kits are all available now and shipping.

V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit (ARRI Accessory Mount 3/8-16) – USD $125
Offset V-Lock Accessory Wedge & Base Station Kit (Screw Slot & ARRI Accessory Mount 3/8-16) – USD $135
Additional V-Lock Base Station – USD $95
Additional Wedge (ARRI Accessory Mount) – USD $39
Additional Offset Wedge – USD $59


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