The Light Bridge CRLS is a reflector system on steroids. Bounce light in a totally new way

I use bounce boards for lighting a lot for my work. Mostly large shiny expendable types and white foam core. The Light Bridge has changed the way light bounces with the CRLS system of aluminum bounce reflectors. Reflectors are generally a very harsh way to add a key light or fill to your subject. Getting a soft spread is not very easy. This is the strength of the CRLS system.

The Light Bridge CRLS_24

If more coverage is needed, use a larger CRLS bounce, however, you don’t need to use very large sizes to fill an area. Depending on the type of light needed the surface type is as important as the size. Need a hard light? use the MOD 2. Need super soft? DIF 4 is a good choice.  Lots of options that will achieve the look you are after. The surface is over 97% light reflective giving a lot of output on the subject. The reflectors don’t change the color of the source lighting. If you bounce an overhead practical it will match.

The Light Bridge CRLS system has several different sizes available as well as surface types depending on the shooting situation. I was surprised a small 12″ soft surface square can bounce enough light for waist to head coverage.



Mounting is made easy with what looks like a giant cold shoe light post receiver. It slides onto a rail system on the back of the CRLS panel and simply locks down. Then you can add different receivers like an arm with swivel mount.

The Light Bridge CRLS_10

The Light Bridge CRLS_17

Below are a few of the kits available. Check The Light Bridge for the full line and options. It’s nice to have options and they make it easy to get a size that meets your lighting needs.


Get a first feeling for the C-Reflectors.

  • full set of 7x7cm C-Reflectors
  • Laser

Starter Kit

  • one full pro 15x15cm C-Reflector Set – DIFF  1 to DIFF 4
  • two 25x25cm Pro C-Reflectors DIFF 3 & DIFF 4
  • two C-Wheels
  • CRLS 10 Step manual


Comes with a lightweight shoulder bag

  • full set of Pro C-Reflectors (cm)
  • 50×50, 25×25, 15×15, 7×7
  • 4x C-Wheels
  • 4x Safeties
  • Cleaning Kit
  • CRLS Manual

Custom C Flight case

  • full set of Pro C-Reflectors
  • 50×50, 25×25, 15×15, 7×7
  • 3 Speedbags
  • 4x C-Wheels
  • 4x Safeties
  • Cleaning Kit
  • CRLS Manual

100X100 C-Frame Kit

The Light Bridge CRLS_3

designed for heavy duty rigging and safe indoor use. 

The set comes with 2 frames

  • Frame 1: Diffusion 1 + 2
  • Frame 2: Diffusion 3 + 4
  • 2x  C-Speedbag 100

The mounting system for CRLS bounce boards looks easy to use and fast too. The popular foldable fabric disk reflectors tend to shimmer in the wind. Having a solid surface has been my go-to type of reflector due to the higher output. The ability to have both soft and bright in a smaller board is intriguing. I’m looking forward to trying the system out. I do a lot of exterior shooting and lighting talent under 6×6 butterfly’s. If I can get softer wider output from a smaller bounce that sure would be great.

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