Leica introduces LPL Mount for the Thalia large format lenses

Thalia group 1 red constant 1

When ARRI announced the ALEXA LF, they also announced the Signature primes with a new LPL mount. They mentioned that the LPL mount would be licensed for other third-party manufacturers and it looks like Leica is one of the first introducing the new mount for their Thalia large format cine lenses.

The Leica Thalia large format cine lenses will soon be available in ARRI’s new LPL mount. They are currently available in PL and ARRI XPL mounts.

The LPL mount versions of the Leica Thalia lenses will include electronics for metadata and will be swappable on existing PL or XPL lenses.

Pricing & Availability

The LPL mounts are expected to start shipping in Q3 2018. Prices are not yet available.

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