New company Spirit Lab shows line of larger than full frame cine lens

A new company named Spirit Lab showed Newsshooter a new prototype lens at the show. As of now, Spirit Labs has five prime full frame cinema lenses.

Spirit Lab Full Frame Cinema Lenses1

The new Spirit cine lenses are actually larger than full frame. They will cover a 50mm image circle. The benefit of this is the corners should be sharper due to the sensor capturing the sweet spot on the lens while the outer areas that tend to show imperfections on most lenses are not seen.

initial Focal lengths

  • 22mm
  • 24mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 85mm.

The lenses will come in a Titanium version as well for a more robust build that will stand up to rental house use. Spirit Lab states by end of may the production models will be ready.

Spirt Lab Full Frame Cinema Lenses6

To keep the cinema lens compact the T-stops will vary. The widest aperture is T1.3  to T2.2 in the longer length model. To make the Spirit Lab lenses compact they went with the aspherical optics design.

Spirit Lab Full Frame Cinema Lenses5

Initial testing is showing some very good results. We will have more info on the lenses at Cine Gear in June with sample footage.

Spirit Lab Full Frame Cinema Lenses4

Pricing hasn’t been determined yet, however, more info on retail pricing will be available in late June.



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